The Ponce Clinical Research Site conducts both network studies (e.g., ACTG and HPTN) as well as non-network studies (e.g., PI-initiated and pharmaceutical studies).  Our ACTG studies focus on adult HIV therapeutic strategies, including HIV cure, and noninfectious and infectious comorbidities (e.g., tuberculosis and hepatitis) while our HPTN studies focus on integrated HIV prevention strategies, including drug interventions (e.g., antiretroviral drugs), behavioral risk-reduction intervention (e.g., behavioral changes among substance abuse users), and structural interventions (e.g., improving/increasing availability of prevention resources).

The Ponce site has contributed to research that has found very interesting results, including the following:

ACTG studies:

  • taking 3 drugs is better than 2, but 4 drugs is not better than 3
  • boosted protease inhibitors are better than non-boosted protease inhibitors

HPTN studies:

  • among adults less than 30 years of age, risk factors for HIV include structural (e.g., lack of unemployment and low income), biological (e.g., sexual transmitted diseases), and behavioral (e.g., unprotected anal intercourse) characteristics
  • early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) among the HIV-infected partner can lead to a 96% reduction in HIV transmission to the HIV-uninfected partner