Project READ


The purpose of this study is to test whether low health numeracy/literacy is associated with medication discordance as well as whether medication is discordance is associated with poorer HIV disease markers (CD4 cell count, HIV viral load, drug-resistant mutations) among African American HIV/AIDS patients compared to non-African American HIV/AIDS patients. In addition this project plans to develop a model testing patient and sociological risk and protective factors for poorer HIV disease markers that accounts for race/ethnicity and health literacy.


The study will enroll approximately 25-30 individuals per month.  As part of the study assessment both at baseline and 6 months, we will administer a 1½ hour Audio-Assisted Computer Administered Self-Interview (ACASI) survey, a brief neurocognitive test battery and measures of medication discordance will be administered face-to-face, medical record data will be collected for a period of 12 months prior to baseline and during the subsequent 6 month period and we will draw blood to evaluate CD4 cell count and HIV viral load.  Total respondent burden is estimated at 5 hours (2½ hours at baseline and 2½ hours at 6 month follow-up assessment).  Participants will also be contacted 2-3 times between baseline and their 6 moth follow-up for short 10 minute follow-up phone calls to assess medication regimen changes and describe how they took their medication on the previous day.

Who can participate?

We are seeking HIV positive adults.

To learn more contact

Gloria Nesmith at