Community Advisory Board

The Ponce CAB is a group of individuals working together to:

  • Help investigators and staff better understand the needs and concerns of people with HIV and AIDS
  • Help people with HIV and AIDS better understand clinical trials
  • Improve access to clinical trials so that everyone may benefit from their findings

This group is ideally one that represents or can speak about various demographics and route of transmissions that are observed in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

CAB member requirements

  • Interest in exploring HIV/AIDS treatments
  • Knows about HIV/AIDS or willing to learn
  • Brings perspective of people with HIV/AIDS
  • Willing to teach
  • Willing to regularly attend meetings
  • Maintain confidentiality when requested

The HIV/AIDS knowledge the Ponce CAB members can vary from basic knowledge of the HIV disease and AIDS-related infections, to intermediate understanding of how clinical trials can help find treatments and cure, to advanced knowledge of HIV/AIDS and clinical trial structure and issues. 

Benefits of being a CAB member

  • Obtain latest updates on trial results
  • Learn first about upcoming new trials
  • Gain better understanding of trial designs
  • Dialog with staff and investigators
  • Suggest on ways to improve studies/clinical trials 
  • Advocate for your constituency
  • Increase self-empowerment
  • Network with others interested in HIV/AIDS
  • Give something back to the community

To ensure an effective and satisfied CAB, the Ponce clinical research site staff continuously performs evaluations to identify areas the CAB members wish to focus on, contribute to, and learn about. Trainings on various topics related to clinical trials and HIV/AIDS research are provided, updates HIV/AIDS resources and events are given, and opportunities to contribute to the implementation of study designs are encouraged.

Meeting Location and Times

Time: Every other month, 12-2pm

Location: 341 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30308

To learn how to become a CAB member, please click contact us.